Finland 100 Opening Ceremony with Global Truss

Finland 100 Opening Ceremony with Global Truss

 2017 Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence. Over the whole year there will be many installations and presentations of famous Finnish artists.

The big opening ceremony of this event took place on New Year’s Eve in Helsinki. Therefore the Finnish artist Kari Kola was illuminating buildings and parks in bright blue light. The light installations were spread over the whole city. As a part of the installation many of small truss carrés were set up and attached with lamps and other decorative elements. Overall 96 pieces of 3 metre F34 truss were used. Furthermore 48 multi box corners, 12 x 2 metres F34 as well as 50 big and 10 small base plates were used for different tasks.

Asked why Kari chose Global Truss he answered: „We compared a lot of truss manufactures and in the end the total package at Global Truss was the best. The quality, the availability and the great support fit perfect with our high requirements.“