About us

For more than a decade we produce high quality and reliable products made of aluminum which are being certified by various independent testing institutes.

Our deep product range has been systematically extended throughout the years and includes besides regular truss, crowd barriers, clamps and hooks also complex stages and heavy duty truss systems. Also when it comes to innovation, our R&D department
sets new standards and is able to pick up and realize ideas from our customers promptly. Global Truss products are being sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and our customers appreciate the excellent quality and availability. Quality, reliability, innovation and availability are the key words which we implement globally into our ruling principles.

We are very proud of our achievements and look positive into the future.


Via air, sea or land. Global Truss products will find their way to you. Thanks to the large number of distribution partners worldwide, Global Truss guarantees a very high delivery capacity and market coverage. After you place your order, our distribution network usually is able to ship standard truss and corners from one of our logistic hubs within 48 hours.


Thanks to a customer complaint and driven by the will and risk-taking of a handful visionaries one of the worldwide leading truss manufacturers emerged in 2001 – Global Truss! The worldwide largest truss sales depot in the heart of Europe and further logistic hubs in the USA and Asia have set the course for a global expansion.


Global Truss puts great emphasis on the raw materials. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, every step from the production of the raw material via the processing until the finished product are being certified by independent testing institutes. Only by following these guidelines, you as a user, can be sure to have truss and further Global Truss products made of premium aluminum (EN AW-6061 and EN AW-6082 following DIN EN 573-3) in use.


In order to produce premium products out of premium aluminum you need especially one thing:
Excellent and highly qualified workers. Therefore our welders are EN ISO 9602-2 certified and work in an environment that
allows them to process aluminum on the highest skill level. Furthermore our factory is of course ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Always and at all times. For this reason, Global Truss products are type of construction tested by TÜV Nord and do not only fulfill the norm values but outperform them.


Since 2001 we expand our truss systems piece by piece. Starting with 3 systems we offer today more than 10 different truss systems and this puts us in the leading position of truss manufacturers
in this category.


Besides truss, Global Truss develops also the corresponding solutions out of one hand. To round up this package, Global
Truss offers innovative software. Online
and offline. If you need to create an easy construction you can use the free and worldwide unique Truss Construction Tool (www.trusstool.com) on the Internet. When it comes to more complex structures the user can assign us to create a static or a design for you. Our in-house developed Global Truss Smartphone application completes our innovative software portfolio. With Global Truss you creativity has no borders.